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Visual storytelling and AI - why the secret to success is knowing your customer This article is sponsored by:

Customers struggle to create enough high-quality digital content that meets their customers’ needs - or at least, that’s the view of TJ Leonard, CEO of Storyblocks, a video creation platform. Is AI coming to the rescue? It can help, but it's only part of the answer. The wider answer lies in telling the right stories at the right time.

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B2B buyer engagement is a year-round endeavor - and AI isn't going to solve it This article is sponsored by:

B2B buyers have changed - but has sales and marketing kept up? I believe the answer is no - and an AI hail mary isn't going to fix this. There's a better way to engage informed buyers. For the first time, I pull content strategy, analyst/influencer relations and creative event design into one illustrated flow.

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