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Avoiding b2b content marketing pitfalls

Much of the resistance enterprise marketers face comes from being immersed for dangerously long periods in their gobsmackingly wonderful product technology. Here’s a take on how to avoid that, backed up by survey data from a new content marketing report.

The myth of buying on benefits

Have buying priorities changed? thinks so. They talk about outcomes rather than features and benefits. It sounds like a powerful argument but does it hold up?

SME going global – surprised?

A new survey suggests SMEs are going global. Should you be surprised? Largely the answer is ‘no’ but the devil is in the detail.

Oracle, Salesforce and the nature of ‘co-opetition’

We left the ‘Week That Changed The Cloud’ with niggling questions at the back of our minds about the new relationship between Oracle and This week some more clarity from the Oracle camp – and an glimpse into the nature of co-opetition.

Digital marketing on the Horizon

HTK is a good example of a firm adapting to and exploiting the new ‘social, local and mobile’ mantras that run through the requirements for effective customer communication. Here’s why.

Accenture SMACs down on digital

When you think of Accenture, most people would think about multi-year, multi-million cost, massive outsourcing, systems integration, ERP and consulting projects. Time to smack down on digital!

A French kiss for Adobe’s digital marketing ambition

A timely reminder that there have been things going on other than the Ellison/Benioff reshaping of the cloud world order came with the news that Adobe’s beefed up its marketing cloud credentials with the purchase of Neolane for a cool $600 million.

Time to bury the accounting stereotypes

A couple of reports last week that talk to changes and challenges in the accounting profession caught me eye. Both come from AccountingWeb UK. Both suffer the same problem: playing to stereotypes that may well exist but which are far from what I see in the market. But the problems don’t end there. Read on […]

Starved for attention? Try Slideshare

If you’re looking for technology adoption then you’re into change. But what might you do to gain attention and then entice people to get interested in what you have to say? Slideshare could be the place to start finding ideas.

TIBCO, the conundrum of storytelling and our banks

The art of story telling is alive and well but to read some critics you’d think that the sourcing of new and interesting stuff has gone away. There are economic issues at stake but in the end, vendors who care encourage the surfacing of the best customer stories. Let’s celebrate that.

TV advertising still trumps digital

If you’re committed to digital marketing – as well you should be – then Adobe’s got some bad news for you this week. It seems that digital marketing is in fact “invasive and annoying” according to half of the consumers that the firm spoke to for a global study. Hold hard – this is Adobe, […]