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CMOs left herding agency cats

An interesting new study popped into my inbox today which argues that one of the problems with marketing in 2013 is that there are too many agencies involved, all operating without effective co-ordination from the marketers who’re paying them.

Tartans, frocks and failed marketing technology

How does automated digital marketing fail. Here are some of the many ways. More ot the point, what can you do about it because after all, an annoyed customer is very unlikely to engage?

The problem with social media marketing – YOU

Social media marketing seems to have failed, losing importance as a method of reaching new customers. But is it as simple as that? What about the internal organisation of ideas and thought?

Questioning B2B social media results

Those who have inside dirt on B2B marketing and lead generation cite one factoid to me: the surprisingly strong performance of email marketing versus the lackluster performance of social media – why is that? Here’s some fresh data.

Facebook’s digital advertising numbers – Like!

Total Facebook advertising business grew 61% year-over-year to $1.6 billion this past quarter with mobile ad revenue alone rising by 10% from the first quarter to hit $656 million to make up 40% of the total ad revenue. Digital marketers have got to Like! that.

The old ones really are the best – TRUE!

Instead of deploying all the trickery of social media outreach to pimp the ‘next big thing’, why not focus more on the brand extension of the current, trusted, big thing?

Digital paywalls vs the sidebar of shame

Every print publication needs to have its own digital version of course. How it monetizes that has been a subject of great debate over the past few years. The Sun newspaper is about to face a major challenge.

Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo! – one year on

It’s a been a busy twelve months for the woman charged with the unenviable task of breathing life into what is in internet terms an ageing property that’s taken several mis-steps.

A digital night at the museum

Sree Sreenivasan next month joins the Met as its first Chief Digital Officer, charged with exploring new digital opportunities for the institution, managing the direction of the museum’s digital media department and the visibility of digital media in both the gallery’s online platform and in the gallery itself. Big job!

Marketo makes finance and marketing new BFF

Can finance and marketing types ever get on? The chances would sound slim until you look at the tools which I contend bridge an important gap. Marketo is one example. But what do you think?

Avoiding b2b content marketing pitfalls

Much of the resistance enterprise marketers face comes from being immersed for dangerously long periods in their gobsmackingly wonderful product technology. Here’s a take on how to avoid that, backed up by survey data from a new content marketing report.