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Don’t be so personal with your digital marketing!

You know all that time, effort and money you’ve been putting into personalized marketing campaigns? Well, it turns out that you might have been wasting it for the simple reason that your organization lacks the data skills needed to understand the customers you’re trying to get personal with!

Memo to CMOs: less snake oil, more content!

Quality content marketing can influence B2B buying decisions, but what potential customers are getting today is just sales pitch snake oil. CMOs need to up their game according to a new study.

1+1 = 3 on Nestlé’s digital journey

Nestlé is embracing the tenets of customer conversations to good effect. Both the CMO and CIO are involved. This is what they’re doing and an early report on the results.

Marketing Cloud pivotal for Salesforce growth

So email does matter after all. Buying ExactTarget not only plugs gaps in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It could be just what the vendor needs to solve impending renewal challenges in its core Sales Cloud business.

Content eats marketing

Gartner has finally woken up to the fact that ‘content eats marketing.’ We should put cynicism aside given that the author, Jake Sorofman has only been with the firm a year and is an ex-CMO. Even so, the topic is one that those of us who have been wage slaves to Big Media have known for […]

Is exactly on target?

Yesterday announced plans to buy up email marketing firm ExactTarget for a cool $2.5 billion. Wall St got a bit twitchy, but industry analysts take a longer term view of what could be a bulls-eye move from Benioff. “number one in enterprise marketing?”

If you still don’t get that idea that is serious about the Marketing Cloud then think again after the decision to splash out $2.5 billion to crash into the email marketing sector with the purchase of ExactTarget.

Drinking Starbucks digital brew

Maybe they might think about paying some more tax here and there, but Starbucks is setting an example when it comes to the use of digital, social and mobile to extend its brand beyond the bricks and mortar.

Native advertising – does it make sense?

If advertising is dead then what follows? Scott Karp thinks it is ‘native advertising.’ It’s not a view to which we subscribe. We think there is a better way – at least in the business to business world.

Zaavi’s DVD digital omni-failure

While all the talk in CRM and marketing is about the omni-channel, at practical level the likes of online retailer Zavvi continue to fail. Why?

Hugh MacLeod – digital disrupter

I first met Hugh MacLeod sometime in 2005. At the time, he was one of an emerging crowd of blogerati rock stars that congregated around events like LeWeb, a cauldron of often edgy but always energizing ideas about the evolution of the social web. MacLeod’s schtick was about creating cartoons on business cards.

Where next for digital marketing?

Imagine a day when the standalone digital agencies of today are a thing of the past and everyone in the next generation of marketing is a digital native. That day isn’t that far off according to European marketing high-fliers.