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Why sustainability data sharing needs to start with a trust framework This article is sponsored by:

Gavin Starks, CEO of IcebreakerOne, who co-chaired the birth of the Open Banking Standard, wants to do the same for sustainability data. He believes industry-wide data sharing needs to start with a trust framework rather than fancy tech or a cloud monopoly. What he has to say has important implications for accelerating sustainability efforts and all industry-wide data-sharing collaboration.


SAP responds to the pending closure of openSAP, and Juergen Mueller gives his take on the future of ABAP developers This article is sponsored by:

SAP's announcement of the pending "sunset" of openSAP caused a community reaction and raised transition questions. I asked SAP for answers. I also share advice for SAP developers from Juergen Mueller - and some surprising/inspiring advice from the Boring Enterprise Nerds.

Boring Enterprise Nerds - at ASUG Tech Connect

Truly open AI gets a boost from industry collaboration with enterprise implications This article is sponsored by:

Efforts to build open AI are getting a boost from the AI Alliance backed by IBM, Meta, Intel, NASA, the National Science Foundation, and fifty other organizations. This could spur research into smaller, more efficient, and secure models that may be more appropriate for enterprises.

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