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DataStax launches Astra Block - a new service aimed at helping developers more easily develop Web3 applications This article is sponsored by:

DataStax argues that distributed ledgers, or Web3 technologies, essentially result in a lot of event based data that is typically hard to tap into. But event based data is DataStax’s core strategy - and as such as launching Astra Block.

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Does the CIO need to understand technology? CASTing around for an answer to the 'how' of software This article is sponsored by:

Without some way of divining how legacy and cloud-native apps will work together, and more importantly where the problems will lie and how the can be resolved, the idea that 'this will end in tears' is all too real.


Enterprise hits and misses - Retailers hit Black Friday numbers, DevOps gets quantified, and AI projects get real This article is sponsored by:

This week - retailers get a pretty decent Black Friday, but questions linger. AI projects get a reality check, as data on ROI and employee buy-in rolls in. DevOps isn't easy, and neither are open source language models (just ask Meta). As always, your weekly whiffs.

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