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Inside Apervita’s plans to democratize health care data – with MongoDB

At MongoDB world, Apervita spoke memorably about the need to democratize health care data. I had a chance to interview two of Apervita’s key players to learn more about their startup ambitions, and how they took their marketplace live. They also answered my burning question: how do you price an algorithm?


MongoDB World day one – culture eats data

MongoDB World day one kicked off with some bold stats and wrapped with some data science warnings. Here’s my roundup, including a terrific use case on how Saks Fifth Avenue achieved e-commerce excellence – by changing their IT culture.

SAP HANA gets some Spark from Databricks

Databricks certifying SAP to run Spark? Wow – that’s one for the books which opens up interesting questions around SAP HANA, where it goes, how it fits and the future of development in a mixed open source, closed source world.