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Enterprise hits and misses - NVIDIA surges on generative AI, ChatGPT needs enterprise guardrails, and the search for the composable enterprise goes on This article is sponsored by:

This week - NVIDIA surges on the back of generative AI, but the ROI of AI is an enterprise work in progress. ChatGPT may not be enterprise-ready, but the industry use cases for AI are emerging. The composable enterprise is maturing - starting with better APIs. As always, your whiffs.


APIs alone are not enough for a truly composable architecture - you need the right kind of API This article is sponsored by:

APIs are the crucial connections at the heart of composable architecture, and how you build your APIs is fundamental to its success. With help from participants at AWS Summit and MACH TWO, I tease out the key characteristics.

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Avoiding Homo Stupidicus - federated design and AI could be an answer to more than nuclear fusion This article is sponsored by:

The UKAEA has given itself a 2040 target to get nuclear fusion energy at least to the state of being a real, workable prospect, and is now working with Intel, Dell and Cambridge University to develop the design environment that will be needed to make this dream a reality.


Enterprise hits and misses - Zoom stirs an AI privacy controversy, ESG has teeth, and open source hits a commercial crossroads This article is sponsored by:

This week - Zoom sparks an AI privacy debate with a controversial terms and conditions update. Open source hits a commercial 'fork' in the road, and does ESG have the regulatory teeth to put 'sexy' generative AI on the IT spending back burner? Your whiffs are back, and so am I.


Enterprise hits and misses - Oracle and Red Hat tussle, gamification creepifies, and AI regulatory pressures mount This article is sponsored by:

This week - as regulatory pressures mount, CIOs and CTOs are in the generative AI hot seat of opportunity. "Creepy gamification" gets skewered, as does crypto-blockchain. Oracle and Red Hat tussle over open source, and I'm in the whiffs section.


Mulesoft CEO Brent Hayward - orchestrating enablement of the business versus narrowing the developer bottleneck This article is sponsored by:

The technology – AI, no code apps development, APIs etc – now exists to allow users who understand and work with a business process to modify and update it themselves, supported by semi-automated tools that handle the technology and free them to implement what is needed.

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