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Enterprise hits and misses - customer success needs a debate, but the metaverse doesn't need blockchains This article is sponsored by:

This week - I try to ignite a passionate debate on customer success; will I succeed? Also: services firms face business model implosion. The metaverse is about (virtual) identity, but that doesn't mean it's about blockchain. In the weekly whiffs, I hand out a well-earned hypocrisy award.


The ‘middle market’ and Zoho/ZohoOne This article is sponsored by:

I covered ERP vendor, Zoho, their platform and the ZohoOne suite in detail late last year (links below). The company continues to grow (significantly) and their customers seem to be loving them, too. One part of the narrative in recent years involves their move into the mid-market. Here are some thoughts on that.


Supply chains must change - does the circular economy provide a better model? IFS weighs in This article is sponsored by:

Companies have been in reactive supply chain mode for several years now - it's time for that to change. But fresh data from IFS shows that new sourcing tactics create new problems. Does the circular economy provide a better model? Time to go behind the numbers.

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