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Understanding the digital thread and the importance of service in extending the life of an asset This article is sponsored by: ServiceMaxLogo-PrimaryBlueGreen

It's essential to maximize the best possible use of data available in the digital thread of assets in field service management. Joe Kenny of ServiceMax explores the key aspects and the practical achievements that manufacturers, operaters and service can realize by enabling that digital thread.

Digital technology 3D illustration. Web of global data. Network connections in the cyberspace of the future. Computer wires in an abstract © Yurchanka Siarhei - Shutterstock

Nationwide moves beyond customer experience surveys to conversational analytics with Qualtrics XM Discover This article is sponsored by:

US financial services giant Nationwide has found that survey have their time and place for improving customer experience - but that real-time data from Qualtrics XM Discover can drive near real-time ‘insight to action’.

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