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So how’s that new Yahoo! coming along Marissa?

As the great Yahoo! turnaround continues – new logo and everything! – CEO Marissa Mayer is pointing to some numbers that indicate that things are indeed getting better for the dot com veteran. Last month the firm boasted in excess of 800 million monthly unique users, a 20% uptick on monthly unique users over the […]

The customer’s in charge in the digital enterprise

The customer is of course always right – a message that hasn’t entirely made it through to the current generation of call centre operatives unfortunately – but now it seems that customers are not only right, but actively shaping the business strategies of firms with which they engage.

Can the BBC pull off a digital regeneration?

The BBC is a UK institution almost on a par with the National Health Service in terms of its role in the national consciousness. But it’s also an organisation that’s having to re-examine its role in the world and to work out its direction in a digital age.

Eggs becoming omelette © Jag_cz -

Chasing satisfaction can undermine digital success

You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs, as the saying goes. Nor can you succeed with digital technology unless you’re prepared to challenge ingrained habits and long-established business processes. They’re called disruptive innovations for a reason: the ability to have real-time information and interaction wherever you are is changing the nature of business. […]

Gartner to CMOs: you need help with digital change

If CMOs are going to be charged with getting their organisations into fit shape for the digital economy, they’re going to need help – and that help will come in part from the traditional services and business consulting organisations.

EasyJet crash lands into Twitter hell

EasyJet got into a terrible muddle when it denied boarding to a Tweeting lawyer. But this is only the tip of the iceberg in what is a clumsy use of social tools.

Skewed social scoring for hotels

A recent Medallia report that rates hotel brands opens up a Pandora’s box of questions about the methods used to assess brands and the value they bring back to the real buyer.