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The art of enterprise community - five pitfalls to avoid

Mark Finnern's career is steeped in community. The danger is to build an enterprise community that is sterile and flat. That doesn't impress buyers or improve customer experience. During a recent video shoot, Finnern and I discussed the art of enterprise community. Here are five pitfalls to avoid if you want your community to shine.


Eating the dog food - collaboration from an inside Oracle PoV

One of the important side benefits of increasing digitalisation is the ability create new models of collaboration both within a company and between a company and its customers, partners and suppliers. Some of Oracle’s senior UK managers took time out at the recent Modern Business Experience event to offer some 'how to’ tips.


salesforce-sidebar Out of the workhouse

Salesforce's Peter Coffee has had enough of apocalyptic thinking. It's time to think about creating partnership between technology to do the routinizable and the algorithmable, and people to do the trans-disciplinary and the relational.