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Not just another co-pilot - Asana says its AI provides 'air traffic control' for enterprise teamwork This article is sponsored by:

Asana further expanded its AI feature set this week, which rather than simply offering users a co-pilot for their own work, uses generative AI to help provide what it calls 'air traffic control' for enterprise teamwork.

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Enterprise hits and misses - Apple Vision Pro gets a business review, Google Gemini is put to the productivity test, and sustainability gets real This article is sponsored by:

This week - sustainability use cases steal some headlines from the AI circus. Speaking of which - Google Gemini is here, but can it make us more productive? Apple Vision Pro wants to win us over with "spatial computing," and the whiffs keep coming.


Enterprise Hits and Misses - we debate the impact of AI on digital teamwork and content marketing, while Apple Vision Pro goes full dystopian This article is sponsored by:

This week - generative AI use cases in digital teamwork and content marketing get a closer look... Which one am I bullish or grouchy about? AI doomsday can wait, but the breaches prove deep fakes are here now. Meanwhile, Apple Vision Pro antics go viral, but is this spatial computing, or fan servicing? Read on...

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