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Enterprise hits and misses - Zoom pays full price for Five9, marketers grapple with AI and ABM, and supply chain managers get a call to action This article is sponsored by:

This week - Zoom buys Five9 for a heady price - will it pay off? Retailers prepare for the omni-holidays, supply chain managers get a logistics wake-up call, and blockchain finds an enterprise use case? Your whiffs include goofy AI music.


Footfall's coming home as Christmas shopping in the Vaccine Economy shapes up to be rather different This article is sponsored by:

All we want for Christmas is...well, not to be thinking about it in July! But the retail reality is that planning ahead is critical. So what will the omni-Holiday experience for the Vaccine Economy look like this year?


Acumatica Summit 2021 - can embedded collaboration change ERP? Acumatica's Microsoft Teams and Adobe Document Cloud integration raises the question This article is sponsored by:

Acumatica Summit's integration news brought the question of collaborative ERP to the fore. Beyond those announcements, the future of vertical ERP also looms. Is a more personalized approach to ERP the way forward? Here's my review, with customer views mixed in.

Acumatica customer Mozaic

Microsoft Inspire 2021 - Windows 365 from the cloud, Teams adds a free pass to Dynamics 365, sustainability in focus This article is sponsored by:

Microsoft Inspire 2021 sees the launch of Cloud PC, a SaaS package delivering a virtual Windows desktop - but was the launch of free access to Dynamics 365 data from within Teams even more significant?

Satya Nadella at Inspire 2021 via Microsoft

Enterprise hits and misses - storefronts face off with e-commerce, hybrid work policies emerge, and workplace neurodiversity gets a call to action This article is sponsored by:

This week - the retail plot thickens as retailers choose divergent strategies. Collaborative work technology is surging, but are new "hybrid" policies already stale? Your whiffs include my worst workplace nightmare coming true.

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