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Default Featured Image and the great enterprise productivity debate

A breezy PR email on workplace productivity ruffled my feathers. But my snarky response led me to a much more substantive debate with CEO Yaacov Cohen. He shared's latest machine learning/Outlook-based approach to easing worker distractions. Then we got into the problem of always-on workplace culture, notification noise, and what the modern worker is up against.

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A primer on the CRM blockchain

While blockchain started its life as an enabler for cryptocurrencies, attention is now turning towards its application in security for CRM. Think that's pie in the sky? Read on.

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Inside SAP's Google Cloud partnership news - a Google Cloud Next review

SAP's newly-announced partnership with Google Cloud at Google Cloud Next raises a number of questions. In this dual-authored post, Jon and Brian share what they've learned to date. Here's why we think this announcement matters to customers - and what you should be tracking as this unfolds.