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Productivity 2022 - time to weigh in on the asynchronous work debate. Is Slack asychronous? This article is sponsored by:

Time to debate: can messaging tools support an asynchronous work model? Before we embrace ansynchronous work, we must tackle the thorny issues of KPIs, culture, and work surveillance. Enter my "five patented rules for harmonious asynchronous productivity."


What is the office actually good for? Questioning workplace myths as the return-to-office debate heats up This article is sponsored by:

Why is culture-building dependent on water coolers? Is the centralized office a failure of imagination, or the key to sparking collaboration amongst Zoom-fatigued workers? Here's a roundup of Big Tech return-to-office news - and my own twist on the future of work.

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Can low-code ERP free SaaS from the vanilla constraints of ERP standardization? Acumatica's Ali Jani says yes This article is sponsored by:

No-code and low-code are riding the hype train - and low-code ERP is on deck. But what is the underlying value we're after here? And how are such benefits achieved? Acumatica's Ali Jani sees a way out of the cloud ERP standardization dilemma. Time to dig in.

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