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Mapping out the future of map-making - how Overture collaboration could unseat Google's location dominance This article is sponsored by:

Google pioneered the location intelligence industry about twenty years ago, which allowed it to dominate the field. Overture Maps Foundation, a collaboration between traditional mapping vendors and Google Cloud competitors, has introduced a new open map data set to give everyone else a leg up.

Google Maps

AI for finance should be about processes, not tasks - Planful CEO Grant Halloran challenges the AI productivity obsession This article is sponsored by:

My virtual meetup with Planful CEO Grant Halloran did not go as expected. Halloran says we're thinking about AI for finance leaders in the wrong way. AI for productivity is limited - AI for experimentation and growth is Halloran's mantra. Planful Perform 2024 should be interesting.

Grant Halloran, Planful CEO

Not just another co-pilot - Asana says its AI provides 'air traffic control' for enterprise teamwork This article is sponsored by:

Asana further expanded its AI feature set this week, which rather than simply offering users a co-pilot for their own work, uses generative AI to help provide what it calls 'air traffic control' for enterprise teamwork.

Air traffic control tower at sunset with aircraft flying towards clouds © eyfoto via
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