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Pandemic disruption and economic crisis are reshuffling IT priorities - what types of tech benefit from increased investment? This article is sponsored by:

Drilling down on some IT changes caused by the pandemic, including budget cuts, increased use of cloud and interest in AI software and SCM in light of this year's disruption in supply chains.


The technical realities of functional quantum computers - is Google’s ten-year plan for Quantum Computing viable? This article is sponsored by:

Google's quantum computing exploits have garnered plenty of attention in recent months. But how might they apply this commercially? A contrasting technical view comes by way of Itamar Sivan, CEO of Quantum Machines.


COVID's 'penny drops' moment - TSB's Chief Operating Officer on why there's no turning back for customers from banking's digital shift This article is sponsored by:

The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated TSB's digital transformation journey and taken its customers on a shift to online from which they are unlikely to reverse, reckons COO Suresh Viswanathan.

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