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Responsible AI isn't just about ethics, it's about accuracy - a deeper look at Workday's evolving AI architecture This article is sponsored by:

Responsible AI is often tied to ethics - but shouldn't we also tie it to AI accuracy? Large Language Models have weaknesses there - but can that be mitigated? At Workday's Innovation Summit, I went under the hood with Workday's AI leaders.

Carl Eschenbach of Workday at the Workday Innovation Summit

Planful Perform 2024 - customers kick tires on AI, but will financial planning break down the decision silos? This article is sponsored by:

Planful Perform is in the books. But the show left us with potent questions on the need for finance transformation, where customers get stuck - and where AI fits in. Here are some pitfalls and successes - along with my underrated news stories of the show.

Planful CEO Grant Halloran at Planful Perform 2024

Where do SAP customers stand on AI, RISE, and the transformations ahead? DSAG shares its position on the SAP innovation debate This article is sponsored by:

SAP Sapphire season is almost upon us - and the stakes are high. SAP customers are facing crucial decisions on cloud migrations, RISE assessments, and how SAP fits into transformation and AI strategies. To set the stage from the customer side, here are highlights from DSAG's positions - and my discussions with DSAG Chairman Jens Hungershausen.

Jens Hungershausen, via
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