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Warning: EU’s PRISM exploitation will cost US $35bn

The US-based Information Technology and Innovation Foundation suspect the Europeans will use PRISM to undermine the cloud industry in America. But it reckons some more information on what data is being collected will placate the worriers! Wanna bet?

SEC homing in on IBM’s cloudy financials

What’s going on with IBM’s cloud revenues? That’s a question the SEC has raised. Although details are sketchy, there are good reasons to believe that the SEC wants IBM to ‘fess up about the strength of that line item. We endeavor to examine why.

Reed gets ready for the mobile office

Recruitment website operator Reed Online has implemented a mobile-first policy to maximize business flexibility as it moves its IT infrastructure to the cloud.

Marketo delivers the numbers; now deliver the noise!

Marketo has the credentials, the pedigree and the trademark in the marketing cloud space. But in the face of increasing competition from the likes of Oracle and, do we need to hear it make more noise?

SAP’s partner paradox – race to the cloud

The SAP Americas Partner Leadership Summit in Miami brought SAP’s confrontation with the cloud to a head. For an event not intended for hard news junkies, there were big stories for those willing to read the writing in the sand.

The US, the EU and the outbreak of cloud war

With PRISM, the US government is effectively providing ammunition to those whose own self-interest and political ambition are unlikely to be most supportive of the US – or  indeed the global – cloud services provider market.

NetSuite bullish on EMEA following record Q2 results

NetSuite continues to go from strength to strength as it records its first $100 million revenue quarter. As a result, it is upping guidance for the full year and remains bullish about its channel performance.

DevOps, cloud, and that pesky IT/business gap

Chris Kernaghan has a passion (some would say an obsession) for re-inventing IT and closing that persistent IT-business gap. Check out his strongly-worded views on DevOps, cloud, and turning IT from cost center/sinkhole to indispensable.

SailPoint jibes identity to the cloud

Enterprise identity and access management vendor Sailpoint has rebuilt its entire product set for the cloud to help manage SaaS and mobile apps. But are large organizations ready to manage identity in the cloud?

Steelcase, furnishing the cloud

Workplace fittings and furniture maker Steelcase has not only upgraded its technology to ease access to cloud apps, it’s also rearranging its workplaces to help employees be more productive with them

SAP’s Snabe out, but not yet

Barely a month goes by recently and SAP announces more big announcements. This time it is Jim Snabe, co-CEO who is stepping aside – but not until May 2014. This opens the door to discussion about SAP’s succession plans.