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IBM will crush Amazon - no it won't, yes it will

The furious debate around whether IBM or Amazon will dominate the cloud infrastructure market ratcheted up a couple of notches this week. Who wins? Decide for yourself as I dissect the arguments.

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TIBCO - more relevant today than ever

TIBCO is at the nexus of trends that speak to the requirements of 21st century business. But it is much more than technology. Look closely at TIBCO customer relationships.

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TUCON preview with Murray Rode, COO TIBCO

How is TIBCO tackling the major challenges faced by customers and how is it making access to its products easier? Wat about the developer ecosystem story? Get some hints here.

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TIBCO TUCON 2013 - preview

TIBCO TUCON 2013 gets underway next week. It promises to be an exciting week as the company unveils progress with analytics, cloud and - of course - integration as evidenced by high profile customers.