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Akamai and the need for speed

Without speed, online commerce risks failure and customer experience is significantly undermined, warns Tom Leighton, CEO of Akamai.

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Retrofitting the Internet for identity

Andre Durand, founder of identity and access management vendor Ping Identity, describes a future when standards will eliminate the need to use passwords in the cloud

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The cost of IT outages: from the sell side

IT outages can cost end user organisations dear in both money and reputation. So when failure occurs, is it fair to blame the supplier for not living up to a vision of 99.999% uptime?

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The cost of IT outages: from the buy-side

IT outages are a fact of life and they will be costly - both financially and in terms of brand and reputational management. In this special 3 part series, we look at the impact of outages from different angles, beginning with the buy side perspective from two organisations with a strong dependency on technology.