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Superconducting chips that could pack a data center into a shoebox? Here's how This article is sponsored by:

Imec, which coordinates chip fabrication equipment integration, has developed superconducting chips that will put 20 exaflops into a shoebox using existing fabrication technology. They will also reduce power requirements over a hundredfold, which could help lower the barriers to training larger AI models.

shoe box

SAP Sapphire 2024 - amidst RISE and Copilots, the S/4HANA public cloud almost stole the show This article is sponsored by:

SAP Sapphire brought the expected Business AI and RISE fanfare. But something happened I wasn't expecting: S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition customers made their case, and did so loudly. Here's the rundown - but would I take back my opening question to SAP?

PureTech Scientific at SAP Sapphire
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