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OneStream in the new ML-powered CPM World This article is sponsored by:

CPM/EPM vendor OneStream had its Splash user conference in Washington D.C. last week. The show had a lot of content re: Sensible ML, ESG reporting and the Splash product marketplace. Sensible ML was clearly the top attention getter of the show.


Looking ahead - the future of application software This article is sponsored by:

It’s time to re-imagine the application software space again. This once a decade occurrence has the potential to upend the leader boards in this space but what specifically will this new generation of tech look like? Here’s a strategy starter for those developers and buyers of application software to ponder.


Can AI make supply chains smarter? Oracle's Steve Miranda on filling logistics black holes, and how customers' supply chain needs have changed This article is sponsored by:

As Oracle CloudWorld Tour hits London, I go behind Oracle's AI supply chain news with Steve Miranda. I also get his take on generative AI for the enterprise - and how it's changing the AI conversation with customers.

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The insurance industry might be flirting with AI, but it's still lagging behind in CX This article is sponsored by:

At times, the insurance industry appears to react at a glacial pace - while paying lip service to the customer experience via massive ad budgets. But is change afoot? In some segments, AI is enabling InsureTech transformation, but we're not there yet.

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