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Sapphire Orlando '23 - Hitachi Energy's logistics lessons from its global SAP Business Network project This article is sponsored by:

SAP Sapphire Orlando brought some major global projects into the spotlight. Hitachi's global S/4HANA and SAP Business Network for Logistics project is one example. But how does a multi-year initiative keep momentum? Here's what I learned.

Andrejas Jerkovic of Hitachi Energy at SAP Sapphire

Can AI make supply chains smarter? Oracle's Steve Miranda on filling logistics black holes, and how customers' supply chain needs have changed This article is sponsored by:

As Oracle CloudWorld Tour hits London, I go behind Oracle's AI supply chain news with Steve Miranda. I also get his take on generative AI for the enterprise - and how it's changing the AI conversation with customers.

oracle - steve miranda

Enterprise hits and misses - Generative AI is put to the enterprise test, while the Silicon Valley Bank implosion leaves innovation fallout in its wake This article is sponsored by:

This week - Silicon Valley Bank implodes. Once the crisis is averted, what will the innovation fallout be? Generative AI's hype machine is put into enterprise context - will the guardrails and ROI be enough? Your whiffs include a very Meta move, and the revenge of the floppy disk.

King Checkmate

Are supplier-driven transformations a realistic goal? Putting SAP Business Network's talking points to the use case test This article is sponsored by:

Supplier-driven transformations sound like a worthwhile concept - but is this a viable framework, when so many customers are still operating in spreadsheet-laden data silos? Two SAP Business Network customers, Mabe and KUKA AG, share instructive use cases.

David Gutierrez of Mabe, SAP Spend Connect

2022 - the year in Cloud ERP This article is sponsored by:

2022 was a mixed bag for ERP vendors. Massive projects? No thanks. But some ERP-based applications, notably payroll and planning/forecasting, continued to make a difference for customers. Process automation and "intelligent analytics" add upgrade incentives, but is that enough? Or is the world changing faster than ERP can keep up?

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