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How does AI and model bias impact DEI in financial services and insurance? Answering the top questions This article is sponsored by:

What is the impact of DEI on the life insurance and financial services industry? Does AI bring new risks due to bias in training data or outputs? What about generative AI? These are some of the top questions I answered for the LIMRA/LOMA/SOA 2023 Supplemental Health, DI & LTC Conference.

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Hospitality CFOs serve up finance-led insights for operational cost savings and scalability This article is sponsored by: workday-logo-1 (1)

A mindset of 'We’ll get it done' is not enough to succeed in the competitive hospitality sector any more, argues Workday's John Hugo. Hospitality CFOs are turning to modern systems to unify data for better planning and forecasting.

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Inflation and the macro-economy are enterprise concerns - a recent IMF and World Bank meeting sheds light This article is sponsored by:

Almost every enterprise software earning report, no matter how upbeat, contains that "macro-economic headwinds" disclaimer. But what are those factors? A recent IMF and World Bank meeting brought these concerns into focus.

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Planful Perform 2023 - CEO Grant Halloran on the real impact of AI for finance - and why generative AI hype doesn't deserve a press release This article is sponsored by:

Wait - no generative AI hype festival at Planful Perform this year? No LLM-is-cool press release? As Planful Perform kicked off, I talked with CEO Grant Halloran about what really matters to customers - including Planful's own AI progress.

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The insurance industry might be flirting with AI, but it's still lagging behind in CX This article is sponsored by:

At times, the insurance industry appears to react at a glacial pace - while paying lip service to the customer experience via massive ad budgets. But is change afoot? In some segments, AI is enabling InsureTech transformation, but we're not there yet.

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