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Scaling ERP and Sage This article is sponsored by:

Scale became a topic du jour at a recent Sage analyst meeting in Atlanta. Scale is an important and multi-faceted topic and it helps understand where a software vendor’s intentions with their products lie. Herewith are some scale highlights from global applications vendor Sage and their implications on Sage Intacct and the Intacct ecosystem.

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Can ERP deliver more customer value? Acumatica CEO John Case on why industry-based ERP matters This article is sponsored by:

Can modern ERP have a different kind of customer impact? During my catch up with Acumatica CEO John Case, we spoke about where cloud ERP is making inroads - including manufacturing. I also wanted to discuss a surprising new Acumatica board member - Zach Nelson.

John Case, Acumatica CEO

The construction industry has a talent problem - can modern software change that? Sage's Dustin Stephens weighs in This article is sponsored by:

Construction and real estate is not an industry for the risk-averse; skilled labor shortages add to the risk factors. But a different type of construction software has emerged. Modernization isn't easy - but are the payoffs real? Here's my discussion with Sage's Dustin Stephens.

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SAP Sapphire 2024 - amidst RISE and Copilots, the S/4HANA public cloud almost stole the show This article is sponsored by:

SAP Sapphire brought the expected Business AI and RISE fanfare. But something happened I wasn't expecting: S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition customers made their case, and did so loudly. Here's the rundown - but would I take back my opening question to SAP?

PureTech Scientific at SAP Sapphire

Want a quick, insightful way to evaluate software vendors? Here's one This article is sponsored by:

Buying enterprise software is about more than just functions and features. When you take the time to understand a vendor’s real priorities and how these affect specific constituencies, you see some things that will make you pause and possibly reconsider whether this is the vendor for you.

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