Last call for PTD - with the CIA, beer and omni clouds

Den Howlett Profile picture for user gonzodaddy November 7, 2013
What's brewing for tomorrow's Pardon The Disruption show? Well there's the CIA, omni-cloud and beer at stake here folks. Tune in for deep thoughts on these and many other topics.

#PTD aka Pardon The Disruption (not Punch The Douchebag as one wag called it) kicks off in less than 24 hours and, as previously advised, it will be a lively show. We already know that because in today's pre-run, we had at least three major disagreements and that was before Estaban Kolsky opened his mouth and started yapping about omni-clouds. WTF? Don't even bother Googling it because it's so new that Kolsky is the only one on the planet who gets it. Allegedly.

For those that don't know Estaban, he's one of my favorite ex-Gartner curmudgeons working in the 'real' CRM space but 'omni-clouds?'I hear that HR godfather Bill Kutik is giving up his sojourn at a building site close to a Ritz-Carlton in Florida to be with us. Tough life for some I say. I've no idea where Jonathan Yarmis aka Doctor Disruptive is beaming in from but it sounded to me like a wind tunnel at an aerospace defence site this morning. That's plausible given he was talking about how FU'd the CIA is.

Our beloved leader Phil Fersht is supposed to be doing the opening but given he's a Brit, he might just forget the time. Keeping us in order (snigger) is my buddy Jon Reed. Good luck with that one pal although he has promised to verbally kick some butt if we're too nice to one another. That of course has never been my strength.  So what about beer?

Well - we've all been asked to come up with something we think is genuinely disruptive the last year. It's a question I've been asked many times the last few weeks and my honest answer most of the time is 'nothing.' A real conversation killer. But on this occasion I think I've got a great treat for you.

me and beer
Ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for the PicoBrew Zymatic™. It doesn't quite exist today but it's a KickStarter project that had the goal of raising $150,000 and ended up pulling in $661,026. It's an automated mash and boil system that crucially brings state of the art grain brewing techniques to the man in the street and at an affordable price. The industry plaudits are pouring (sic) in but as an ex-brewery owner this is one device I'd definitely buy.

If that doesn't prove that beer matters then I don't know what will convince.

To more serious matters, I've noticed that the SI's are going after a couple of topics with gusto. Data visualization is one and financials in the cloud is another. Why? The core ERP implementation glory days are done and now they need to refuel their starships to satisfy hungry partners and stockholders. I expect we'll have a fine time talking about those topics.

Anyhoo - on with the show and see you all online at 11am PT/2pm ET/7pm GMT/8pm CET...and whatever the time is in Australia. ;) Oh yes - hashtag for the Twitterati #PDT

Bomus points: I just up voted Kolsky on Quora for not being an anal-yst.

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