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UK faces 'no win' decision over Huawei as the firm's CEO calls the US "over-concerned" about China's capabilities This article is sponsored by:

Bojo's Choice - upset the US or upset China? Meanwhile Huawei founder and CEO says that his firm is ready to fend off US action to undermine its business.


US concludes that France's Digital Services Tax is deliberately attacking US firms - quelle surprise! This article is sponsored by:

"I'm not going to let people take advantage of American companies. If anyone is going to take advantage of American companies, it's going to be us." - President Trump takes aim at France's Digital Services Tax.


Pink-eyed Terminators, clucking Alexas and giant dark data thunderclouds looming overhead - Boris Johnson's Brexit Britain tech pitch to the world This article is sponsored by:

The British Prime Minister took full advantage of a UN General Assembly address to the world's leaders to pitch a tech-enabled Brexit Britain - or that was the theory at least.

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