Wendy Shepperd, GVP Engineering, leads product development for the New Relic Telemetry Data Platform, the leading SaaS multi-tenant observability platform used by tens of thousands of engineers to build and operate more perfect software for their customers. She also oversees global infrastructure, architecture, managed services, and engineering operations for New Relic.
Having worked with a variety of organizations from start-ups to billion-dollar companies, Wendy brings a unique perspective on what works well for different types of situations and at different stages of growth. She loves growing leaders and building winning teams that execute with precision. Currently leading her fourth multi-million dollar cloud migration, Wendy has developed deep expertise and a fair amount of scar tissue around the many aspects of complex platform migrations in large scale environments. She enjoys collaborating with others to share the highs and lows that engineering leaders face on a daily basis.

Articles by Wendy Shepperd

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