Vaish Sashikanth is Chief Engineering Officer at Celonis, responsible for driving the company’s innovation and technology leadership and building a world-class engineering team. Before joining Celonis in January 2022, she was VP of Engineering at YouTube and was an instrumental leader in the platform’s meteoric growth. She has spoken and written about enterprise data democratization, the applications of AI and machine learning in business processes, and building inclusive and supportive cultures within engineering organizations.

Articles by Vaishnavi Sashikanth

Process mining reinvented - why a full end-to-end map of your business is needed This article is sponsored by: Celonis logo © Celonis

Execution management software took a huge step forward recently with the commercial introduction of object-centric process mining. Vaishnavi Sashikanth of Celonis explains how this technology and the company’s new Process Sphere™ provide a fuller, more holistic and more comprehensive view of business operations.

Top view of colorful gears. Corporate work and modern business process concept © 9dream studio - Shutterstock

Processes can save the world - how Execution Management helps companies perform in a volatile environment This article is sponsored by: Celonis logo © Celonis

Vaish Sashikanth of Celonis explores Execution Management, and how this new system for business performance is key to navigating inflation, recession, and supply chain disruption while achieving sustainability goals.

GPU worker mining digital coin or money at mining site. Vector illustration concept of mining for gold, process mining and execution management © Leremy - Shutterstock
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