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Tom graduated with an MA in Modern History from the University of St Andrews, specializing in media transformation and tech innovation. He has worked within the secondary education sector, specifically in curriculum delivery and access.

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UK business flocks to AI, but is the government’s soft-touch approach to regulation wise in the long run? This article is sponsored by:

Hadi Moussa, Managing Director of EMEA at online learning platform Coursera, offers a view on how UK business leaders are responding to the growing prevalence of AI, and how regulatory bodies ought to respond to protect investment as well as workers.

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We thought you might like this! Phrasee discusses the risks of over-personalizing marketing content This article is sponsored by:

Amidst the seemingly incessant drive toward hyper-personalization in marketing, we spoke to Jasper Pye, VP of Product at AI Marketing firm Phrasee, about what they call ‘Creative Impersonalization’, and how hyper-specific user experiences driven by flawed third-party data might alienate rather than engage.


MIT Director Dr Yossi Sheffi on the future of AI - ‘I hope we don’t repeat the mistakes we made with globalization’ This article is sponsored by:

Dr Yossi Sheffi shares his views on the impact of AI on supply chains, but also warns that we shouldn’t wait for AI to penetrate every aspect of our lives before we think about the consequences.

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Microsoft integrates Copilot into its employee engagement platform, Viva - but does AI really lead to better engaged employees? This article is sponsored by:

Microsoft looks to lead the pack in employee engagement software as it integrates its AI assistant, Copilot, with its employee engagement product, Viva. How might employees and leaders who take up this technology expect to be impacted?

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