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CIO of Unit4, Shivkumar Gopalan is a senior professional with core skills in digital transformation, bringing a balance of technical knowledge and human skills to the environment he works in. With a deep experience in interacting with business stakeholders, he enjoys driving outcomes, not just programs.

Articles by Shivkumar Gopalan

The best mix of cloud skills? Fewer technical IT experts, more business process specialists This article is sponsored by: Unit4 logo with tagline 250x150px

With the proliferation of cloud technologies, there’s an urgent and growing need for people with business process expertise and a rapidly fading demand for traditional technical IT experts, as Shivkumar Gopalan illustrates in Unit4’s own story.

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Buying into SaaS – what really matters to a CIO? This article is sponsored by: Unit4 logo with tagline 250x150px

Buying into SaaS platforms isn’t new, but many organizations still misunderstand what they’re getting into. Shivkumar Gopalan of Unit4 outlines what’s important (and what isn’t) and what's required from both the client and vendor to make it a success.

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