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Dick Hirsch is a blogger focusing on SAP's Cloud strategy. He is also a SAP Mentor. His views are his own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of his employer.

Articles by Dick Hirsch

SAP Cloud Platform: the multi-cloud (almost) realized - a SapphireNow 2017 tech preview This article is sponsored by:

The SAP Cloud Platform is quietly going through a multi-cloud evolution. Perhaps not so quietly, now that Dick Hirsch has put his research chops to the test. In this special Sapphire Now tech preview, Hirsch shares what he's uncovered, and why the SCP multi-cloud approach - properly realized - could give SAP an edge.


SAP Digital Customer Insight and beyond - SAP's data as a service plans unfold This article is sponsored by:

Drawing on meetings and online inquiries, Dick Hirsch dons the investigator hat again to pursue SAP's data as a service moves in Digital Customer Insight and beyond. In the process, he makes a discovery: a new internal startup called SAP Business Data Network that reveals some of SAP's data as a service intentions, and how they compare with other companies such as Uber.


A deep dive into SAP Hybris YaaS microservices This article is sponsored by:

In part two of Dick Hirsch's series on enterprise microservices, Hirsch takes the reader on an illustrated dive into the SAP Hybris YaaS microservices approach. Crunching data from SAP Hybris, Hirsch analyzes SAP's microservices release schedules and patterns. He also reflects on how microservices might impact S/4HANA, and the SAP Cloud Platform.

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SAP Hybris and the push towards enterprise microservices - an analysis This article is sponsored by:

At the SAP Hybris event in Munich, SAP announced the SAP Hybris Revenue Cloud offering - the latest in a series of commercial microservices offerings. In this analysis, Dick Hirsch explains why microservices are becoming a factor for enterprise software vendors. He also breaks out several types of microservices, and the relevance of each.

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