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Rey Perez is New Relic’s chief customer officer.  He manages the relationships with all customers globally to ensure they are achieving value and success using New Relic. His focus is on execution excellence and value realization for customers deploying the New Relic One observability platform. Prior to New Relic, Rey was responsible for driving the success of large complex business and IT solutions for Fortune 500 customers, and has led a number of organizations in solving customer challenges with a focus on digital transformation, cloud migration, cloud platforms, organizational optimization, and ROI. Rey has led technical teams to design and architect application solutions for more than 400 customers, while at Sun Microsystems where he led the design, architecture, and implementation of global SAP solutions. Rey has worked as a consultant, advisor, and change agent over his 25+ year career. Rey holds a Masters in Software Engineering from Monmouth University and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.



Articles by Rey Perez

Everything we’ve assumed about developers is wrong. Why tomorrow’s great tech leaders are today’s poets, linguists and saxophonists This article is sponsored by: New Relic logo © New Relic

Bootcamps aren't the answer - Rey Perez of New Relic explains why the next generation of engineers will need to be true creative thinkers to meet the needs of tech companies.

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