Based in Santa Fe, NM, Neil Raden is a mathematician (algebraic topology), founder of a management consulting firm, consultant to large and complex projects internationally, an industry analyst, and widely published author and speaker. His early background was in Property and Casualty actuarial R&D, and he remains active in consulting to the insurance industry. He founded Hired Brains Research in 1985 to provide thought leadership, context and advisory consulting and implementation services in Data Architecture, Analytics, AI, Data Science and organizational change for clients worldwide across many industries. His current portfolio includes data warehouse modernization, AI Last Mile and Complex Supply Chain analytics. Neil is a recognized authority on AI Ethics, author of more than fifty articles on the subject on Diginomica, and the author of the foundational report for the Society of Actuaries, “Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence for Actuaries.” He, with James Taylor, is the co-author of the first book on Decision Management, “Smart (Enough) Systems.” Clients welcome his practical and valuable advice and counsel. He welcomes your comments at [email protected].


Articles by Neil Raden

Generative AI needs better context - you can't talk about Large Language Models without reverse neural networks and backpropagation This article is sponsored by:

The hype over Large Language Models (LLMs) has reached a fever pitch. But how much of the hype is justified? We can't answer that without some straight talk - and some definitions. Time for a technical review of how we got here.

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The insurance industry might be flirting with AI, but it's still lagging behind in CX This article is sponsored by:

At times, the insurance industry appears to react at a glacial pace - while paying lip service to the customer experience via massive ad budgets. But is change afoot? In some segments, AI is enabling InsureTech transformation, but we're not there yet.

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