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As SAP's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Natalie Lotzmann is responsible for executing on SAP´s Health Strategy globally. She is a seasoned thought leader in the field of linking health metrics to talent management and an innovative people strategy. Dr. Lotzmann has 15+ years of demonstrated success - from vision to concept to execution. She has received numerous awards, such as Corporate Health Awards (EuPD, Handelsblatt) and Special Awards by the Great Place to Work Initiative recognizing her Health and Diversity programs at SAP.

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The impact of healthy employees to the bottom line This article is sponsored by: sap-rss_feed-100

SAP's Chief Medical Officer Natalie Lotzmann believes companies need to take more responsibility for employee health, and use big data to do it. Healthy lifestyle benefits also include the corporate bottom line - Lotzmann shares fresh data.

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