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As Group Chief Operating Officer at IFS, Michael Ouissi brings together all of the company’s customer-facing operations from sales to consulting and support and customer success, alongside his responsibility for commercial strategy and revenue generation. Prior to joining IFS, he spent over a decade at Software AG, most recently as a member of the Group Executive Board for Customer Engagement Excellence. His diverse executive background includes roles as financial controller, regional and global commercial director, head of key account management and regional managing director.

Articles by Michael Ouissi

Where physical meets digital – how digital twins are unearthing new insights for asset-intensive organizations This article is sponsored by: IFS logo

Digital twins can increase predictability of future maintenance of mission-critical, high-cost, and often complex assets, thereby lowering risk for organizations in asset-intensive industries. Michael Ouissi, Chief Customer Officer, IFS, examines the value for three such industries.

digital twin concept machine learning © local_doctor - Shutterstock

Don’t let IT systems stop manufacturing going circular This article is sponsored by: IFS logo

Manufacturing is going through a sea change of reducing landfill and reusing raw materials. Michael Ouissi shares in-the-trenches insights from an IFS customer and analysts on why manufacturers will evolve to master new business and logistical disciplines for the circular economy.

Manufacturing - metalworking on lathe grinder with flying sparks © Vadim Ratnikov - shutterstock
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