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Martin Banks

Martin Banks is a long-standing journalist, commentator and analyst covering IT and its impact on business since the very beginning of the PC revolution. Before that, he was covering the development of the semiconductor technologies and microprocessors that have made it all possible.

Articles by Martin Banks

The never-ending story - Dynatrace takes on data wrangling in an age of gen AI This article is sponsored by:

Moving, managing and wrangling data in the new age of AI is now even more important, given the volumes that have to be moved, the speed at which AI solutions can work and the potential for disaster that follows if there is anything seriously wrong with the data being used. This was the focus of the latest Dynatrace Perform conference.

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AI without training? It can be done, argues Appian CEO Matt Calkins This article is sponsored by:

It is already a given that AI services will need training on customer data, meaning that it will only be the major hyper-cloud service providers that can possibly win, for the only way for any user is to upload all your data to the AI service in order to train it about your company.Is there an alternative, one that means company data does not have to be put at such risk? Appian CEO Matt Calkins seems pretty sure there is, and one that is suited to businesses of all sizes.


Iceland’s tech clustering – diversity, equity and doing what’s good for business and staff This article is sponsored by:

Part 2 of our look at what is emerging out of Iceland’s adoption of clustering tech startups looks at three examples from the more human side of business – personnel management and health care. In the process, it also takes a look at the island’s increasingly positive approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Iceland’s tech clustering – a volcanic focus on fintech This article is sponsored by:

First part of a look at some of the IT ideas and developments coming out of a country of 375,000 souls that readily claims to be 1,000 km from anywhere. By using the clustering model – getting like- minded and complementary businesses together – it is getting to punch well above its weight.


Onymos pitches a novel approach to cutting into 70% maintenance costs - and pokes open source in the eye in the process This article is sponsored by:

Onymos reckons it offers a way to cut back on the long-standing 'law’' that 70% of all IT budgets must be spent on maintaining existing applications, rather than innovating new ones.


How Moore’s Law helps Pure Storage offer users a 'Pure Pays' option This article is sponsored by:

Pure Storage’s commitment to solid state data storage technologies means that its customers can take advantage of new pricing options, where it becomes possible that the vendor may pay for some of the service costs. This is because of the way semiconductor chips go down in price and energy consumption, but up in capacity.

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