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Martin Banks

Martin Banks is a long-standing journalist, commentator and analyst covering IT and its impact on business since the very beginning of the PC revolution. Before that, he was covering the development of the semiconductor technologies and microprocessors that have made it all possible.

Articles by Martin Banks

Dynatrace fills out Grail to make better sense of data This article is sponsored by:

No sooner has Dynatrace come up with a major new tool to cut through the potential for contentions between the growing range of tools available to `manage’ data than it sets out to extend its capabilities for internal team collaboration, by making it easier to build the context in which data exists.

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Digital sobriety - how cloud economists can help wean data junkies off of their fix This article is sponsored by:

As a cloud services provider, Nutanix felt it needed to find a way to help its customers confront some of these issues and came up with a new job role – the cloud economist – someone to work with customers and get them beyond just thinking about the tech. I tracked one down to find out more


Cloud Software Group one year on - theories are easy, realities are more complicated This article is sponsored by:

A year ago I speculated on what would result from the coming together of Citrix and TIBCO. Now owned by the Cloud Software Group, which was formed to allow them to continue as independent brands, it seems a sensible time to see how right or wrong that speculation was. The answer, like most things in life, is a bit of both.

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Past the point of keeping the lights on - why data is the real problem when it comes to sustainability issues This article is sponsored by:

Cohesity’s Mark Molyneux argues businesses need to ponder the question, 'Do we create more data, or do we keep the lights on?’. The time has come to confront data and ask, 'Is there another way?'

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Does the CIO need to understand technology? CASTing around for an answer to the 'how' of software This article is sponsored by:

Without some way of divining how legacy and cloud-native apps will work together, and more importantly where the problems will lie and how the can be resolved, the idea that 'this will end in tears' is all too real.


Dynatrace’s new Grail may not be holy, but it could help simplify an ever-more complicated software world This article is sponsored by:

The launch of Grail by Dynatrace opens a new line of defense against the growing complexity of services – where each service comprises tens or even hundreds of different applications, and where multiple services interact to build business processes


An Icelandic saga for the sustainability crisis - why data centers in Iceland may have found their moment This article is sponsored by:

Iceland has made another pitch at providing a sustainable, low carbon answer to the carbon footprint problem. Does that mean every data center in Europe should hop across the North Atlantic? Probably not, but this time it does suggest that a goodly slice of that business should seriously consider the possibility

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