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Martin Banks

Martin Banks is a long-standing journalist, commentator and analyst covering IT and its impact on business since the very beginning of the PC revolution. Before that, he was covering the development of the semiconductor technologies and microprocessors that have made it all possible.

Articles by Martin Banks

How Nutanix aims at making a cloud entity for users from their bunch of hybrid 'bits' This article is sponsored by:

With the recent Nutanix Next conference pointing the way towards bringing disparate elements into a coherent whole, maybe a new name other than 'cloud native' is needed so users can demand it and vendors can understand what they mean.

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The never-ending story - Dynatrace takes on data wrangling in an age of gen AI This article is sponsored by:

Moving, managing and wrangling data in the new age of AI is now even more important, given the volumes that have to be moved, the speed at which AI solutions can work and the potential for disaster that follows if there is anything seriously wrong with the data being used. This was the focus of the latest Dynatrace Perform conference.

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