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Max Eversfield is an Enterprise Solution Engineer at Samsara.

Articles by Max Eversfield

The world of motorsport and telematics - racing thoroughbreds and essential workhorses are all fueled by data This article is sponsored by: Samsara partner logo © Samsara

Logistics may not use high-octane F1 cars, but the world of fleet management is fueled by the same thing - technology, and lots of data. Max Eversfield of Samsara draws on some interesting comparisons for businesses who are keen to stay in the fast lane.

3D render representing an F1 car © Solcan Design - Shutterstock

Enterprise-scale IoT is all about data — not tech This article is sponsored by: Samsara partner logo © Samsara

Today's fleet vehicles are bristling with connected technology that produces mass amounts of data. Before businesses brag about being data-driven, they have to make the right decisions based on those connections, writes Samsara's Max Eversfield.

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