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Matthias is a seasoned technologist with 20 years of experience in the enterprise software business, working at the intersection of technology and business. He spent ten years as a software architect leading strategic custom development projects at SAP before transitioning into a product management role for SAP Cloud Platform.

In his current role as Chief Product Officer at Neptune, he is focused on delivering a development platform that helps enterprise IT teams to drive business results. As a former SAP Mentor and frequent blogger, he's been actively engaging with the SAP ecosystem and speaking at international software conferences.

Articles by Matthias Steiner

Is there a place for citizen developers in multi-disciplinary teams? How to make the new low-code era work This article is sponsored by: neptune-software-logo

"Citizen developers" are supposedly everywhere these days, but do they realistically have a place in multi-disciplinary teams? Matthias Steiner of Neptune Software continues the discussion on low-code in action.

Image of programming code low code concept © StockSnap - Pixabay

Our back office and cloud apps are not aligned. Middleware hasn't solved this problem - but an API architecture can This article is sponsored by: neptune-software-logo

Aligning back office IT with cloud apps calls for a new, API-driven approach. Neptune Software's Matthias Steiner shares lessons from projects that broke out out of their ERP application silos.

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