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Massimilano (AKA Massi), has always been fascinated by data management and in particular use cases requiring real-time data movement and processing. He started his career as an on-board data handling and software engineer at the European Space Agency (ESA) in the Netherlands where he spent 12 years, primarily participating in the definition and execution of space technology research and development programs.

Massi successfully led various projects involving the development of software and hardware units for space data systems, as part of long-term strategic goals for space data handling infrastructure’s evolution. One of the most interesting projects of his career in the space industry was participating in the definition of the communication protocol infrastructure supporting the Interplanetary Internet project started by Mr. Vint Cerf at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (does this name ring a bell)? He also participated in designing, specifying, and prototyping a File Delivery Protocol for space links (CFDP); used for the first time to deliver images of the NASA comet space-probe mission named ‘Deep Impact’ and nowaday embedded in all mayor Mars exploration missions.

In 2012, Massi then decided to put his feet back on Earth and moved to London, where he started working in the realms of ultra-low latency, high-performance messaging middleware, and at-scale streaming data engineering. He joined Confluent in 2020 as an Advisory Solutions Engineer, with a mission to put an event streaming platform at the heart of every organization around the world by translating event-driven business requirements into streaming data management architectural solutions and delivering technical proof of it.

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