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As a Platform Evangelist, Mark is responsible for showing people the specifics about what makes Acumatica’s cloud development platform wonderfully attractive to ISV & partners as well as nurturing the development community at large. He’s worked with developers for over 22 years with the majority of his tenure at Microsoft before joining Acumatica. He's also passionate about running & Latin and lives off-grid in a cabin in the woods 50 miles east of Seattle where he skis 3 miles a day as part of his commute six months out of the year.

Articles by Mark Franks

The power of a developer community – you can’t succeed in cloud ERP without one This article is sponsored by: Acumatica logo © Acumatica

Most companies still have a divide between business users and developers. Is that why so few cloud ERP shows have hackathons? Acumatica platform evangelist Mark Franks shares how to energize developers and bring business users into the mix - from hackathons to online engagement.

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