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Madeline Bennett has been a technology journalist and commentator for over 15 years, covering enterprise applications, retail technology, skills and the digital agenda. Prior to becoming a journalist, Madeline was an English teacher at a London secondary school. Madeline is a regular technology commentator on TV, radio and conferences, including CNN, Sky, BBC and Web Summit.

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What I’d say to me back then – SAP’s Etosha Thurman on dealing with micro-aggressions, hair anxiety, and colleagues ignoring her emails This article is sponsored by:

Etosha Thurman is the first Black woman in this series, and her experiences highlight the huge obstacles still facing Women of Color working in tech (and other) industries.


What I’d say to me back then – Don’t try to be something that you're not, says Qualtrics’ Stephanie Barton This article is sponsored by:

To wear a skirt, or not to wear a skirt? That used to be the question, but thankfully isn’t now for women in tech. For International Women's Day 2023, Qualtrics' Stephanie Barton offers advice to her younger self - and to others.

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