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Madeline Bennett has been a technology journalist and commentator for over 15 years, covering enterprise applications, retail technology, skills and the digital agenda. Prior to becoming a journalist, Madeline was an English teacher at a London secondary school. Madeline is a regular technology commentator on TV, radio and conferences, including CNN, Sky, BBC and Web Summit.

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What I’d say to me back then – IFS CIO Belinda Finch on going from making the tea for male COBOL programmers to sharing her menopause moments with the boss This article is sponsored by:

Why Finch sees menopause policies and linking women’s ERGs with other diverse groups as vital.

Belinda Finch

Jamila Yamani, Salesforce Director of Climate Innovation and Energy Transition - "It matters where we spend our money, what food we choose to eat, how we choose to get around" This article is sponsored by:

Salesforce is looking for ways to shift climate innovation to regions most impacted like Africa and South America.

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