Jon Reed has been building enterprise communities since 1995. These days, Jon is a roving blogger/analyst. He also advises vendors and startups on reaching today's informed enterprise buyer, now that the sales funnel is discredited (see his new d-book, Reaching the B2B Informed Buyer - The Case for a Different Framework). He is a diginomica co-founder, Enterprise Irregular, and a purveyor of multi-media content. Jon is quickly earning a reputation for outspoken views - and research - on the pros and cons of generative AI in the enterprise.

Jon is an advocate for media over marketing; he sees diginomica as a chance to disrupt tech media, with the BS-weary enterprise reader in mind. Jon's signature weekly column, Enterprise Hits and Misses, is a punchy enterprise review for readers who enjoy puncturing hype balloons.

Jon's core areas include the problem of CX, the pursuit of AI/analytics ROI, work futures/skills development, and the realities of transformation efforts. Lately, he's been documenting the art - and perils - of hybrid event design.

Articles by Jon Reed

Enterprise hits and misses - enterprise LLMs heat up, holiday shoppers spend (online), and the return to office debate isn't over This article is sponsored by:

This week - enterprise LLMs heat up - and I file my first live gen AI use case. Holiday shopping numbers look good so far - at least from the online lens. Vendors file upbeat earnings, and return to office is declared... dead? And yes, the un-predictions are coming.


Can enterprise LLMs achieve results without hallucinating? How LOOP Insurance is changing customer service with a gen AI bot This article is sponsored by:

If enterprise LLM vendors want to deliver business results, they must earn the trust of customers and employees alike. Can this be done without hallucinations? It's a provocative claim - one that led me to document my first live gen AI story with LOOP Insurance, which utilizes Quiq's AI bot.

Weslee Berke, Head of Customer Care, Loop Insurance by Jon Reed

"That's a mindset change" - talking about the clean core, AI, and the state of SAP with UKISUG Chair Paul Cooper This article is sponsored by:

In Birmingham, UKISUG's annual member conference is underway. Here's my preview discussion with UKISUG Chair Paul Cooper, on customer priorities in the face of AI and S/4HANA deadlines. Cooper also weighs in on the challenge of SAP's "clean core" and BTP model, as SAP's innovation debate comes to a head.

Paul cooper, Chair of UKISUG

Enterprise hits and misses - OpenAI gets a board makeover (and a critical review), while Black Friday shoppers press the "buy" button This article is sponsored by:

This week - Sam Altman knows how to play the AI Game of Thrones, but what are the implications for the enterprise and beyond? Has AI Safety gone from buzzword bingo to oxymoron? The retail holiday season is underway, and transformations start with data silos, not AI. As always, your whiffs.

King Checkmate

'This is where we need to go to stay competitive' - Unum Insurance reveals how Workday Skills Cloud helps it excel on talent This article is sponsored by:

Want to excel on talent? Then you need to excel on skills. Want AI-powered skills recommendations? You're not doing that at scale without a skills ontology. This type of project used to be out of reach - not anymore. Lisa O'Brien of Unum Insurance shares its Workday Skills Cloud story.

Lisa O'Brien Unum, talking Workday Skill Cloud

Enterprise hits and misses - Sam Altman punted from OpenAI, but finds happy landings at Microsoft. Enterprises react, while retailers ramp up holiday hopes This article is sponsored by:

This week - Sam Altman is out at OpenAI, but in at Microsoft. What does this mean for the enterprise? Meanwhile, retailers are hoping (and gritting teeth) for a holiday amidst macro-doubts - but Walmart is upbeat. Your whiffs include ChatGPT in my inbox, looking for PR love.


Enterprise hits and misses - gen AI upends recruiting, video meetings get called out, and the subscription economy plot thickens This article is sponsored by:

This week - generative AI does a number on recruiting, but will the résumé survive? The subscription economy plot thickens, and the productivity debate puts knee jerk video meetings in the hot seat. As always, your whiffs.


SAP tech leaders face the AI and S/4HANA convergence - the ASUG Tech Connect review This article is sponsored by:

SAP tech leaders met at ASUG Tech Connect at a pivotal time. But what got them on a plane to New Orleans? AI is a corporate imperative, but S/4HANA deadlines also loom. Here's my take - with views from customers and on-site interviews, including SAP's Juergen Mueller.

ASUG Tech Connect - Geoff Scott and Juergen Mueller

Enterprise hits and misses - AI Safety Week wraps, as regulators from the White House to the G7 take up the issues. So what's next? This article is sponsored by:

This week - the UK AI Safety Week is in the books, but did we make progress? We've got your analysis - which extends to policy statements from the White House to the G7. Meanwhile, edge computing gets critiqued, and S&OP gets a new set of marching orders. As always, your whiffs.

King Checkmate

SAP TechEd 2023 news analysis - what did we learn about SAP's AI strategy, pricing, and developer engagement? This article is sponsored by:

If you wanted reams of AI-related news for SAP TechEd 2023, you got your wish. But did we advance our understanding of SAP's approach to AI innovation - from pricing to improving LLM output with SAP data? The answer is yes; here's what I've learned so far.

Juergen Mueller at SAP Teched 2023 Bangalore

Enterprise hits and misses - AWS and Google Cloud ride the headwinds, AI gets new regulatory pressure, and self-driving cars lose their "Cruise" control This article is sponsored by:

This week - AWS and Google Cloud earnings point to macro-economic turbulence - but can AI spending create a glass-half-full scenario? The future of work is hybrid, but real estate footprints aren't. AI pioneers issue an "urgent" call for regulations with the UK AI Safety Summit on deck. As always, your whiffs.

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