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Josh has over 30 years of experience in the industry as a computer programmer, systems analyst, author, consultant, and industry analyst. Having helped pioneer coverage of the enterprise software market in the late 1980s, he moved to Europe in 1991 and worked as an industry analyst and as European correspondent for Information Week and other industry publications. It was during this European tenure that Josh began his coverage of ERP, supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, and other key topics that define today’s enterprise software market. Josh founded Enterprise Applications Consulting in 1998 and has been a pioneering independent analyst and consultant ever since. He works closely with end-user organizations and major vendors and their partner ecosystems helping to bridge the gaps between technology and business.

Articles by Joshua Greenbaum

Critical thinking goes better with coffee - why user events like ASUG Tech Connect matter This article is sponsored by: ASUG logo transparent 250x150px

Joshua Greenbaum has had enough of 'shut up and listen' events. He explains why we need more events like the upcoming ASUG Tech Connect - events that foster open conversations, and help customers make sense of rapidly evolving roadmaps.

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