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Jon Reed & Brian Sommer

Jon Reed and Brian Sommer write frequently for diginomica. Now and again, they issue a joint collaboration.

Articles by Jon Reed & Brian Sommer

2022 - the year in Cloud ERP This article is sponsored by:

2022 was a mixed bag for ERP vendors. Massive projects? No thanks. But some ERP-based applications, notably payroll and planning/forecasting, continued to make a difference for customers. Process automation and "intelligent analytics" add upgrade incentives, but is that enough? Or is the world changing faster than ERP can keep up?


The 2022 enterprise software un-predictions This article is sponsored by:

The tech soothsayers, prognosticators, and growth ninjas are at it again - but so are we. If you're fed up with vacuous tech predictions, Jon and Brian serve your revenge piping hot, via the ultimate NFT: the annual un-predictions.


The 2021 enterprise software un-predictions - your fallible guide to the next un-normal This article is sponsored by:

Deluged by tech predictions pieces? Worry not, dear reader, Jon and Brian serve your revenge piping hot - via their annual un-predictions. Yes, the tech soothsayers and prognosticators are at it again. But so are we - this time with a few satirical fireballs from Den Howlett mixed in for good measure. Enjoy!


The 2019 enterprise software un-predictions This article is sponsored by:

Had your fill of buzzword-saturated, self-congratulatory tech predictions from miscellaneous gurus, attention seekers and insiders? We’ve got your holiday tonic right here. Feast on our annual enterprise software un-predictions.


Inside SAP's Google Cloud partnership news - a Google Cloud Next review This article is sponsored by:

SAP's newly-announced partnership with Google Cloud at Google Cloud Next raises a number of questions. In this dual-authored post, Jon and Brian share what they've learned to date. Here's why we think this announcement matters to customers - and what you should be tracking as this unfolds.

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