George Lawton is a technology journalist that has been covering the technology industry for the last three decades. He is currently focused on digital transformation, enterprise automation, digital twins, privacy, and sustainable development. year He has written over 3,000 stories about computers, communications, knowledge management, business, health, and other areas. In the early 1990s, he helped build Biosphere II, sailed a Chinese Junk to Antarctica, and herded cattle on a 200,000-acre ranch in Australia.

Articles by George Lawton

OpenAI's meltdown prompts further questions around the future of AI safety surveillance This article is sponsored by:

Efforts to regulate AI safety are still a work in progress. Governments are mostly leaving it up to AI companies since the risks are poorly understood, and they don’t want to slow down innovations. Lessons from other kinds of post-market surveillance could inform the future of these efforts.


How Earth AI is accelerating mineral discovery and helping enterprise Net Zero goals This article is sponsored by:

Earth AI pioneers a more efficient experimental process for discovering minerals required for Net Zero goals. Their promising results highlight the importance of combining data science, domain expertise, and systematic thinking to solve new problems relevant to all enterprises.


NIST - responsible AI standards need your help. It's time to step up to the mark! This article is sponsored by:

NIST has called for support on a new consortium to develop responsible AI metrics. In the long run, this is likely to have a far more substantive impact on the future of AI than political gatherings that talk about not regulating AI and taking nice photos. Your help is needed.

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AI pioneers call for guardrails on ‘autonomous AI’ This article is sponsored by:

AI pioneers Yoshua Bengio and Geoffrey Hinton, along with 23 other academic researchers, have called for ‘urgent governance measures’ to protect society against the danger of ‘Autonomous AI.’ They argue national institutions need strong technical expertise and the authority to act quickly.

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