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As CEO of ASUG, Geoff believes that the connections we make for our members have the potential to become career-defining relationships that inspire innovation and success for their organizations. His forward-thinking leadership prioritizes helping our members make the most of their investment in SAP technologies. To that end, Geoff works closely with customers, members, the SAP Executive Board, and the extensive partner ecosystem to amplify the voice of the SAP customer. Additionally, he enjoys the time he’s able to spend with our members at ASUG conferences, events, as well as in informal meetings.

Articles by Geoff Scott

ERP customers and the custom code dilemma – can automation help? The numbers say yes. This article is sponsored by: ASUG logo transparent 250x150px

Relying heavily on custom code can be a common and expensive pitfall. ASUG CEO Geoff Scott drills into research from ASUG and smartShift, revealing the challenges that keep transformation projects mired in technical debt - and how SAP customers are redesigning processes with automation.

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How do companies balance cloud migrations and core ERP upgrades? Fresh data reveals transformation plans and obstacles This article is sponsored by: ASUG logo transparent 250x150px

ASUG's latest research delved into the drivers behind SAP customer transformation efforts and the role of MSPs. Geoff Scott mulls on the ERP obstacles being faced and the reasons behind cloud migration choices.

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Four things enterprise customers need from their IT partners - and don't always get This article is sponsored by: ASUG logo transparent 250x150px

Modern software puts the third-party provider into sharp focus. What IT services value are customers getting? ASUG CEO Geoff Scott reveals recent survey data. One thing is certain: when it comes to IT services, there is plenty of room for improvement.


Five industries under economic pressure—and how companies are effectively responding This article is sponsored by: ASUG logo transparent 250x150px

Every industry contends with the impact of COVID-19. Some were thrown into a tailspin. But now, industry leaders are responding. Geoff Scott shares highlights from oil and gas, utilities, automotive, chemicals, and life sciences - and how to join ASUG's upcoming sessions for each.

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