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Fred Lherault is a CTO across the EMEA region at Pure Storage. He helps guide customer adoption of Pure's technology, design new software features and liaises between customers with Pure’s engineering team. Fred has worked at Pure since 2012. His keen interest in emerging technologies enables him to advise organisations how to adopt new strategic initiatives in the ever-changing world of IT. Prior to Pure Storage, Fred held Systems Engineering positions at 3PAR and HP. In his spare time, Fred enjoys cycling in and around London and visiting museums.

Articles by Fred Lherault

The data journey for AI - sustainability, as-a-service and supporting data scientists This article is sponsored by: Pure Storage Logo

In the first of this two-part article, Fred Lherault of Pure Storage looked at the six stages involved in finding and processing data as it’s used in AI models and training. Part two looks at how the process creates challenges and how organizations can approach and mitigate against these.

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