Derek du Preez has spent the past few years defending the needs of the end-user and helping vendors understand how they can better serve their buyers' technology and business needs. He also loves to bother governments about all things digital.

Articles by Derek du Preez

Next ‘24 - Google Cloud CEO on why an open AI platform with choice, one which allows you to differentiate, is essential This article is sponsored by:

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, explains why buyers should be seeking open AI platforms that allow them to differentiate through customized experiences, and why this is key for future competition.

An image of Thomas Kurian, Google Cloud CEO

Next ‘24 - Discover Financial Services sees Google Cloud’s generative AI tooling as path to superior customer experience This article is sponsored by:

Discover is working with Google Cloud to build generative AI applications for its 10,000 contact center agents, helping them get access to the information they need more quickly.

generative AI

Confluent wants to unite the two sides of the enterprise data house - operations and analytics - with Tableflow This article is sponsored by:

CEO Jay Kreps laid out his plans in London this week for how Confluent Cloud can now bring together operations and analytics estates into one platform, unifying data products for the enterprise.

An image of Jay Kreps, Confluent CEO, on stage
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