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Coen Jeukens is VP of global customer transformation at ServiceMax. He works with customers and prospects to fully unlock the true value and potential of their service organizations. Prior to joining ServiceMax, he was the services contract director at Bosch where he implemented an outcome based business model, with highly impressive results. Coen is also a regular keynote speaker at prominent field service conferences around the globe.

Articles by Coen Jeukens

Don't sell-and-forget! OEMs must service products sold through an indirect sales channel This article is sponsored by: ServiceMax logo © ServiceMax

Once a manufacturing product is sold through an indirect sales channel, it can be the end of the line for service revenue and customer relationships. Coen Jeukens of ServiceMax argues that it's time to establish a digital thread.

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Why are sales leaders taking over service? This article is sponsored by: ServiceMax logo © ServiceMax

Sales DNA and the heart of service can seem like polar opposites - but the benefits of combining the two can make all the difference. Coen Jeukens of ServiceMax shares his experiences of making sales and service work in collaboration.

Over shoulder view of sales leader and service management in corporate meeting with data on laptop screen © fizkes - Shutterstock
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