Chris Middleton
Chris Middleton is co-editor of Unified Communications Insight and founder and editor in chief of the Strategist magazine, which offers strategic insight to business leaders in boutique print and responsive digital forms. He is consulting editor (and former editor) of Computing, former editor of CBR, and former co-founder and editor of Professional Outsourcing magazine.

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SME support on the wane in UK government circles?

UK digital progress excellent, but SME support dying, warns techUK
, a contrast to the positive vision of a new public sector report with critical failings identified by the Civil Service itself.

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AI Uber alles?

How can we ensure that robots and AI enhance human society rather than automate existing problems? The second report from The Rise of the Machines summit.

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Industrial robots and the new China Syndrome

Will industrial robots sweep aside millions of human jobs, or create thousands of new smart businesses? The first of two reports from The Rise of the Machines summit in London.